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Packaging Intelligence Reimagined

Packaging IQ 2.0 provides data driven insights to optimise your portfolio’s packaging sustainability at scale.

Problems faced today

Currently, the way we make packaging decisions is not working...

  • Collecting data for all packaging formats in every market requires significant effort, especially when every company does it separately.
  • There are competing priorities and misaligned decision frameworks leading to time-consuming evaluation of packaging types.
  • It is difficult to estimate the impact of changing regulation and EPR fees on total costs.

Does this resonate with you?


Accelerate your shift to fully circular packaging

Packaging IQ 2.0 aims to solve the problems associated with packaging decisions by providing;

  • A ‘Single source of truth’ and decision-making framework
  • A built-in analytics dashboard for analysis across markets and brands
  • A view of the regulatory impact on packaging decisions, updated with latest legislation
  • Pooled data collection across several companies to reduce collection cost and increase alignment between companies
Our modules

Optimise your packaging portfolio for sustainability
with Packaging IQ 2.0's three core modules*

*Modules and product features are subject to change based on input from our founding members

MODULE 1 Packaging design

Comparisons at SKU x Market level

MODULE 2 Re-use models

Understand impact of re-use models

  • Quickly compare baseline vs. reusable packaging options
  • View system cost impacts under different timescales and scenarios
MODULE 3 Portfolio analysis

View your entire portfolio together

  • Track progress against company goals by viewing your portfolio performance against relevant indicators.
  • Filter portfolio data by SKU, geography & more.

Don’t just take our word for it ...

Packaging IQ 2.0 is the next evolution of Plastic IQ, currently operating across Brazil, Indonesia and USA. Discover what our customers are saying about Plastic IQ here.


Some common queries about Packaging IQ 2.0

When will Packaging IQ 2.0 go live?

We are looking for a group of pioneer companies who want to help prioritise the features and set the strategy for Packaging IQ 2.0.
Once this is in place, we will look to release a MVP version of the tool by the end of 2024.

How is Packaging IQ 2.0 data managed?

When company data is uploaded to the platform it will be hosted securely by Packaging IQ 2.0 service providers in the EU. The tool complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. ​

Data will not be processed by Delterra, Systemiq, or other organisations. Within the Packaging IQ 2.0 tool, the users themselves can choose to securely share their session e.g., with a colleague to collaborate on packaging strategy development.​

How much does Packaging IQ cost?

We are currently fundraising to build the first iteration of the tool and the license fees will be communicated in the lead up to MVP launch. Please contact us for more information.

Is Packaging IQ 2.0 the right solution for me?

Packaging IQ 2.0 is a good choice for companies of all sizes that either use or produce packaging within the food and beverage, industrial goods, healthcare, consumer electronics or household appliances industries. ​

Who developed Packaging IQ 2.0?

Packaging IQ is the next phase development of Plastic IQ. Plastic IQ was initially built by Systemiq and launched by the Recycling Partnership in the U.S.. It has been further developed for other markets by Delterra and Systemiq.​

Will the tool be available in my market?

We are planning to launch Packaging IQ 2.0 across several markets but will start with a few pilots to test for the MVP. Please stay tuned for updates on market launches.

I’m interested, how can I sign-up?

Let the team know via the contact form here or at [email protected]

Join us

We’re looking for founding members to co-shape Packaging IQ 2.0 alongside us, as well as organisations interested in becoming future platform users.

Join us to be a part of its development and transform your packaging portfolio.

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    We bring unique strengths to help companies achieve more circular packaging

    • Significant knowledge on plastic waste
    • Extensive experience working with MNCs
    • Digital solution development expertise
    • End-to-end waste management experience
    • Unique perspective and local market insights
    • Network access via key industry strategic partnerships